Blog Post 1

As a result of critically reviewing the impact that publishing through blogs can assist students in their academic studies, I have come to the conclusion that the use of blog platforms are both effective and practical. They allow students to be able to contribute to reflective and collective learning autonomously while maintaining a flexible nature for those with family or work obligations (Mansouri & Piki, 2015) which most individuals will have. By using a blog, students are given the opportunity to express and honour their personal creativity by developing unique content and visually displaying their perspective and personality through different themes, layouts and designs. In addition to this, they sharpen brain performance, promote self-expression, boost confidence  and improve communication skills, all which in turn will benefit students in their academic studies. Emphasis is placed on the importance of active feedback from lecturers – something which I believe to be extremely beneficial to students in every major.

Since the world is constantly evolving, so are many aspects of human existence and gradually life is becoming more digital (Thompson, 2018). Thus, I strongly feel that blogging is an aspect of the digital world that can be used to every students advantage.


Mansouri, S. A., & Piki, A. (2015). An exploration into the impact of blogs on students learning: Case studies in postgraduate business education. Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 260-273.

Thompson, M. (2018, April 23). Why Your Students Should Blog: 6 Powerful Benifits. Retrieved from EmerginEdTech:


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