Blog Post 2

The interactive, computer-mediated technologies which are more commonly known as ‘social media tools’ have shaped the world which we live in today. The relationship between these tools and information use and management can benefit us in many different aspects of our lives. Information management involves the collection of information from different sources and the distribution of this information to an audience in order to design, develop, manage and use it to support decision making and create value for individuals, organisations, communities and societies (Kim, Chunsik, & Elias, 2015).

As a student, I think the use of social media tools cannot only benefit our information use and management in an academic sense, but also, in our everyday preservation and dissemination of information. Platforms such as Google+ offer individual’s alternative opportunities to process information and make managing virtual information an art (Chesser, 2013), while sites such as YouTube and Instagram allow us to search for “information” by simply typing in a keyword. Being presented with thousands of results online can often be overwhelming, however, social media tools allow us to break down this information and organise it in such a way that it can be used effectively. There is huge emphasis placed on the importance of information sharing behaviours online and their overall positive effect on society. (Kim, Chunsik, & Elias, 2015). Due to social media tools, we have the opportunity to process and share information whenever, wherever we want.


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