Facebook Privacy Policy

For the Facebook privacy policy that I have written I tried to make it as clear and detailed as possible without exceeding a 2-page limit. I did this because I believe that if I was presented with a Facebook policy that was around two pages I would definitely read it however anything over this I would not. I did not go into extreme detail on every aspect of Facebooks policy as I believe that the average user would not understand that majority of the terms that are usually used in a privacy policy and if they wished to gain further knowledge on certain aspects of the policy they would do their own personal research. Something that stood out to me while writing the policy was that Facebook has access to your personal messages in Facebook messenger. I found this shocking as I often share confidential information over messenger. I excluded this clause form my policy as I believe it is a complete invasion of privacy however, I did mention that if one was to report another Facebook user due to an act that occurred over messenger that Facebook would have the permission to intervene. I also excluded that information that an account user shares cannot be shared or downloaded by another user or individual who is not friends with the person. I tried to include the 5 Rights outlined by Anderson as much as possible throughout the policy and based the clauses included off of these. Below is the privacy policy document:


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